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Welcome to Tofield School! We are a growing and thriving school community with grades 5-12 which has a balanced academic, complementary, sports and social emotional learning programs accessible for all students. Students have access to many extra curricular clubs such as sports, fine arts, gaming and more during the lunch break and after school. Tofield School strives for excellence.


Our purpose at Tofield School is to inspire, develop and engage our students to be ethical citizens that serve the needs of our community. We will continue to stay focused on our purpose so that our students can grow and learn each and every day. We believe that everyone is a learner and everyone does learn with the right support in place. Every Day, Every Student, a Success.

Tofield School staff are professional, competent and dedicated to working together with students and parents to achieve their academic and social goals. Our behavior matrix is built on the foundation of character development that outlines the expected behavior for all students.


Mrs. Zenovia Lazaruik


Mrs. Jennifer Erick Assistant Principal
Mr. Mark Chanasyk Assistant Principal


As a Titan, I work collaboratively to achieve greatness.


To provide the best possible educational opportunities for all of our students.


Titans stand on a foundation of collaboration, compassion, critical thinking, and connectedness. As we discover our purpose and passion, we develop diverse, equitable, and optimistic goals for today and tomorrow. TITANS make the world better.

We take care of self, others, and this place.


We have a positive and healthy working relationship with our parent council and parents. Together supporting the needs of the school for all students. We meet monthly and look forward to working with this year's parent council and parents.

Please browse through our website to find out more about our school. If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please contact us at 780-662-3133. On behalf of the staff, we wish everyone a successful and enjoyable year at Tofield School.


Tofield School uses the restorative practices to build healthy relationships and create a positive learning environment for all. This entails the use of talking circles, counseling support and outside side agencies support.

Programs and Services

In addition to our core subjects our students are offered many options such as drama, art, communication technology, and esthetics.  Take a look at our School Handbook for more information. 

Tofield School Handbook