About NSO

I would like to welcome you to check out the North Star Outreach Program.  North Star is a unique program that offers students a chance to excel at education. It is more than a program that focuses on only the academic needs of students. Many students can be overwhelmed and lost in traditional school settings. At North Star we help students with all aspects of their life and focus on getting our students to graduation.

Students work to receive a regular high school diploma, just as they would in a traditional school; we just change the method and style in which we deliver instruction. Through individual flexible schedules, students can work at a pace suited to their particular learning style.

Students work on modules and focus on developing a broad range of academic skills and social aptitudes. I am available to work with students in small groups or one on one, whatever is necessary for students to complete the requirements they need to graduate.                                                                                                                 

Ross MacDonald


What Makes Us Great For You

  • An accepting environment enables students to succeed in ways they never have before.
  • The flexibility offered by self-paced learning allows students to take the extra time they need to succeed or accelerate ahead.


School Philosophy

     North Star strives to create student success by:

  • recognizing that no two students are alike.
  • being mindful of circumstances that are barriers to learning.
  • nurturing an environment that strengthens connectedness and fosters a sense of community.
  • encouraging collective responsibility.
  • thinking win-win in helping all our students achieve their educational goals.


North Star Outreach School

  • North Star has one full-time teacher who works with students.
  • Academic and CTS courses are offered at the High School Level.
  • Courses are delivered according to Alberta Education Curriculum and they fulfill the requirements for the Alberta High School Diploma and the Certificate of Achievement.
  • The goal of each student is to complete the course work required to receive their grade 12 Diploma or Certificate.
  • The goal of North Star staff is to support students meet their goals.


Courses for 10, 11 and 12:

  • English 10-2, 20-2, 30-2
  • Math 10C, 10-3, 20-2, 20-3, 30-3
  • Social Studies 10-1 to  30-2
  • Science 14 and 24
  • Science 10
  • Physical Education 10, 20
  • CALM 
  • CTS – a variety of courses from BIT, HRH, NAT and MDC

Complementary Courses; 

Petroleum Studies, Social Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Work Place Essentials and Learning Strategies

Most of our courses are at the dash 2 or dash 3 level, however, we will offer some cores at the dash 1 or dash 4 as needed.  Additionally, the majority of courses will ​now be completed ON-LINE, rather than using paper-based modules.


Student Code of Conduct

  • One of the most important values of the North Star Outreach Program is respect.  It is expected that students will demonstrate respect to staff and their classmates at all times. 
  • Because we are a part of Tofield School, students are expected to adhere to all Tofield School codes, requirements and policies.

​      The School Act requires Outreach students to:

  • be diligent in pursuing their studies;
  • attend school regularly and punctually;
  • cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other services;
  • comply with the rules of the school; and
  • respect the rights of others.

     In addition, North Star Outreach students:

  • set learning goals to guide their studies;
  • work on and complete courses at an agreed-upon schedule;
  • meet the attendance requirements of the program;
  • are or learn to be self-motivated; and
  • exhibit appropriate behaviour.



  • Regular attendance is critical to the student’s success at North Star; all students are expected to adhere to their agreed-upon schedules.  While the occasional absence is anticipated, students are expected to attend classes daily and arrive on time. The program is structured around the Tofield School Senior High Timetable; therefore, students must be punctual, reliable and accountable for any time away. (See Attendance Agreement and Student Contract documents)  
  • A small number of students may register as full-time North Star Outreach students.  If full-time students are absent, they will need to provide a reason for their absence. Student absences will be marked excused if they miss school for health reasons, religious holidays or extra-curricular activities. All other absences will be recorded as unexcused. If students are absent for three consecutive days they will require documentation to verify the reason for their absence.​​