Tofield School offers a range of student support services.  If you have concerns about your child’s progress academically, socially, behaviourally, or other concerns that may be affecting  the progress/ success of your child, please discuss these with your child’s teacher or school administration. If required, a referral process can begin as we gather more information to support your child’s positive growth.

Examples of supports are:

  • Literacy Interventions;
  • Assessments - achievement, psycho-educational;
  • Individual Support Plan;
  • Success in School Plans;
  • Identification of needs, planning and goal setting;
  • Secondary Education Services

Family School Liaison Workers (FSLW):

  • Offer support services to BRSD students, families and/or groups focusing on safety, mental well being, and the healthy development of children.
  • Involve appropriate community agencies by providing referrals.
  • Ensure that students and families seeking assistance are involved in the decisions that affect their lives.
  • Provide education and counselling to children, youth, and parents to help them positively manage challenging issues and events.
  • Enhance personal strengths and coping skills.
  • Provide classroom presentations on a variety of topics related to healthy relationships and development.

*If a student is 15 years old or younger, parental consent must be provided for ongoing supports.  

If a student is 16 or older, those students can consent on their own for FSLW service.

FSLW - Michael Cole 

(780) 672-4416 ext 6717